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Engineering For College Students

You Can Make A Difference

By choosing an Engineering career path you will have an opportunity to have a significant impact on not only your own community but also your entire State.

Civil Engineering Summer Internship Program at DelDOT

Where will your education take you...

DelDOT Summer Internships There are literally hundreds of companies that will compete for your talents when you graduate. You will need to look carefully at what each one offers and then make some important decisions. Whatever you decide you must look at companies that have the same values as you. Talk with people who have jobs in your field of engineering; accompany them to work and ask about their careers. By doing this early when you are an undergraduate you will be able to make informed decisions. Remember information gathering can build networks that will help you in the future.

Pursue every opportunity (especially during the summer) to gain practical experience. By experiencing first-hand the working environment that you will soon enter, you will learn a lot about yourself and about different careers. Internships can introduce you to a company and in the process will offer you more insight into the course you have chosen for yourself and the mission of the company.

Many of our state agencies offer internships. From helping to build roads to keeping our water clean, an internship with the state will offer you experience and so much more.

It takes the right person to be an Engineer but it also takes the right workplace; a workplace that shares your passion for problem solving, one that supports you and invests in your future. In short, one that makes sure your needs are taken care of first, so that you can work for a better tomorrow.

At the State of Delaware, we appreciate our Engineers and know just how valuable you are.

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